Voice of the Lord (ISDS​-​016)

by Middle Point

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Middle Point 004 “Voice of the Lord” Story

彼らを載せた宇宙船は、地球の大気圏を抜け、青い海の上を静かに進んでいた。その時、地球を支配するAIシステムによってコントロールされた自動戦闘機が、彼らを襲撃してきた。突然の手荒な歓迎に、3人は驚きを隠せなかった。地球から離れ宇宙を彷徨う冒険者達は、地球の人類達にとって、平和を脅かす敵とみなされていた。全人類を支配するAIシステムからの警告は、まるで”Voice of the Lord”のように、青い地球の空にこだました。
Middle Point 004 “Voice of the Lord” Story

After the Singularity of 2045, humanity on Earth was being controlled by a massive AI system. While people lived peacefully in a smart, stress-free system, the AI system deemed the music and culture of the past, which encouraged anger, rebellion and dance in groups, to be dangerous and eliminated. Somewhere along the way, people became so satisfied with the music and art that AI automatically generated that they didn't even question the loss of their own artistic creativity.
And after only a few years, Earth had been transformed into a world where only meek and obedient humans existed.
In 2061, three young people who discovered the ancient "Interspecies" vinyl on Jupiter: Ancient music explorer: RHODES-073 (Ryota), Space-time scientist: PROPHET-006 (Shigeo), and Ancient engineer ROLAND-303 (Kashi), were heading from Jupiter to Earth to meet Dr. Buchla, an authority on space-time scientist.
The spacecraft carrying them was passing through the Earth's atmosphere and quietly traveled over the blue ocean. At that moment, automatic fighters, controlled by the AI system that rules Earth, attacked them. The three could not hide their surprise at the sudden and rough welcome. The adventurers wandering the universe away from Earth, are considered peace-threatening enemies for humankind on Earth. The warning from the AI system that controls all of humanity echoed across the blue earth's sky like a "Voice of the Lord".
Warning, warning.
Warning to intruders, warning to intruders
Rejecting, rejecting.
Eliminate adventurers, eliminate adventurers
They like a challenge.
They enjoy the change.
Accept peace
Accept your own life
A Happy death is an acceptable
Searching, Searching
Finding our enemy, finding our enemy
Judging, Judging
Enforcing our law, Enforcing our law
They like a creation
They find their own way
Avoid trivial error
Avoid unusual people
A Happy death is an acceptable


released December 5, 2020

▪︎Artist: Middle Point

▪︎Title: voice of the Lord

[Track List]
1. voice of the Lord

▪︎Label:Interspecies Records

▪︎Cat No:ISDS-016

▪︎Release: 5th, Dec 2020 on bandcamp

▪︎Produced by MiddlePoint

▪︎Mastered by Studio OMEGA

▪︎Artwork by Embodiment YAS


all rights reserved


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