Dawn Chorus (ISDS​-​007)

by Middle Point

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MiddlePoint 001 “Dawn Chorus” Story


2061年、そんな状況に嫌気がさし、地球から木星を探検しに来ていた、3人の若者達がいた。古代音楽探検家:RHORDES-073(ryota)、時空科学者:PROPHET-006(shigeo)、古代技術者ROLAND-303(kashi)。彼らは、古い地球の文化、芸術、音楽、科学、技術を発掘するのに情熱を注いでいた。木星は、地球のゴミ捨て場となっていた。彼らはそれらの産業廃棄物の中から、1枚のビニルレコードを発見する。そのレコードのレーベルは「interspecies record」。彼らは、古いTECHNICS-1200でそのレコードをデコードした。騒々しい木星の”Dawn Chorus”と共に流れたその音楽は、人類が忘れ去った、古のダンスミュージック = 共同体のための音楽であった。

Since the Singularity of 2045, human race on Earth has been gradually controlled by a huge AI system. There, people lived peacefully in a smart, stress-free system. The music and culture of the past, which promoted anger and rebellion, or which initiated group dancing, were considered dangerous and eliminated, and people were satisfied with the music and art automatically generated by the AI system. They never questioned when they had lost their artistic creativity and it had become a world where only a meek and obedient people could live.

In 2061, sick of this situation, three young guys from Earth explored to Jupiter, where was used as waste-yard of the earth. Ancient music explorer: RHORDES-073 (Ryota), space-time scientist: PROPHET-006 (Shigeo) and ancient engineer ROLAND-303 (Kashi). They had a passion for discovering the culture, art, music, science and technology of the old Earth. Exploring on Jupiter, they found a vinyl record among the industrial waste. The label of that record was "Interspecies records". They decoded the record on an old TECHNICS-1200. The music played with "Dawn Chorus" of the noisy Jupiter is ancient, forgotten music of the human race. Music for dance = Music for community.


released June 30, 2020
◆Produced by MiddlePoint

◆Mastered by Studio OMEGA

◆Artwork by Embodiment YAS


all rights reserved


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