Industria (ISDS​-​011)

by Middle Point

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MiddlePoint 002 “Industria” Story 



After the Singularity of 2045, humanity on Earth was being controlled by a massive AI system. While people lived peacefully in a smart, stress-free system, the AI system deemed the music and culture of the past, which encouraged anger, rebellion and dance in groups, to be dangerous and eliminated. Somewhere along the way, people became so satisfied with the music and art that AI automatically generated that they didn't even question the loss of their own artistic creativity.
And after only a few years, Earth had been transformed into a world where only meek and obedient humans existed.

In the year 2061, after discovering an ancient vinyl of "Interspecies" on Jupiter, three young people: the ancient music explorer RHORDES-073 (Ryota), the space-time scientist PROPHET-006 (Shigeo), and the ancient engineer ROLAND-303 (Kashi), are excited to find music they've never heard before. They dig up similar vinyls from the garbage dump. And when the "Interspecies" vinyls were put together like a puzzle, they realized that there was a message hidden in there. That message was about the history of music that has been eliminated by the AI system. Why has dance music been eliminated by AI system? To solve the mystery, they boarded a spaceship to meet Dr. Buchla, who lives in Industria, the largest AI city on Earth.


released September 18, 2020
◆Produced by MiddlePoint

◆Mastered by Studio OMEGA

◆Artwork by Embodiment YAS


all rights reserved


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